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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 5 (August 1, 1934)

Watch That Throat

Watch That Throat.

Beware of the critical moment when your throat, so thick and dry, gives warning of a cold that will work down on to your chest unless you halt its progress with Baxter's Lung Preserver.

A few doses of “Baxter's” will dispel soreness, allay irritation, and reduce inflammation. “Baxter's” tonic properties give you extra resistance and recuperative ability.

Be sure you buy “Baxter's.” All chemists and stores sell 1/6, 2/6 and also the extra large family size bottle, 4/6.*

There are people who muffle themselves and their children in layers of thick, and often shrunken, woollen underwear, and who are surprised that they are for ever catching colds.

Thick woollen garments next to the skin prevent the escape of moisture, and so surrounds the body with a warm, moist atmosphere, and both the skin and clothing become damp. The warm woollen garments should be the outer ones, and they should be worn according to the weather and not the calendar.

Another factor in the maintenance of good health, is the frequent changing of underclothing. It is especially necessary in the case of children. The garments become impregnated with sweat and germs, and wearing them day after day, and perhaps during the night as well, infects the skin, causing the rashes and spots, and even boils which frequently mean so much discomfort to children, and also to the older folk.

Vests that are worn during the day should on no account be worn at night. One garment at night is all that is necessary. Loosely woven and porous garments are very easily washed and dried, and the little extra trouble is offset by improved health and vitality.