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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 5 (August 1, 1934)

Flower Effects

Flower Effects

I Have been picking violets in a friend's garden; yesterday I was given jonquils. Now, come hail, come sleet, come snow, I care not, for the fragrance of spring is about me. Somehow, I am not pleased with my jars of berries and autumn leaves which delighted me a few weeks back. Today there is something elderly about them—a tatterdemalion ragged crew. I believe I will discard them. My violets do not care for such ancient company, and the freshness of my jonquils is affronted by their garishness.

Now that the leaves and berries are gone, my living-room shows in its true light. The general effect of faded dustiness cannot be disguised. Luckily, sales are still on, and material for loose covers for chairs and chesterfield will be cheap. While I am buying, I will look for remnants for cushion covers, and material for chair-backs for the drawing-room. My bedroom really needs new curtains and the spare room a rug. I must remember to buy linen for a buffet-runner to match the new loose covers.