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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 5 (August 1, 1934)

Man Who Lost 21 lbs. — Lost His Indigestion Too. — Amusing Letter from His Wife

Man Who Lost 21 lbs.
Lost His Indigestion Too.
Amusing Letter from His Wife.

The fat man is proverbially good natured and easy going. But here is a fat man accused of being difficult to live with. His wife writes to tell us about him. Just read what she has to say. Her letter is candid; it is amusing; it is worth publishing word for word as she wrote it. Here it is: —

“My husband a little over twelve months ago started taking Kruschen Salts for indigestion, heartburn, etc. Not only can he now eat anything (including my pastry), but he is now 13 ½ stone only, instead of 15 stone. What I consider more important than anything else, though, is the splendid effect Kruschen has had on his temper. He is now fit for a woman (not an angel) to live with. My husband is sixty next April, and I am fifty-four next June. I recommend Kruschen Salts wherever I go.” —(Mrs.) E. D.

The six salts in Kruschen assist the internal organs to throw off each day the wastage and poisons that encumber the system. Then, little by little, that ugly fat goes—slowly, yes—but surely, Kruschen does not aim to reduce by rushing food through the body. Gently, but surely, it rids the system of all fat-forming food refuse, of all poisons and harmful acids which incidently give rise to rheumatism, digestive disorders and many other ills.

One of the secrets of the effectiveness of Kruschen is the exact proportion of the six different salts it contains. That is why every batch of Kruschen Salts is tested and standardised by a staff of qualifie chemists, before it is passed for bottling.

Thus Kruschen can always be relied upon—it will have the same happy results for you that it has had for others.

Kruschen Salts is obtainable at all Chemists and Stores at 2/6 per bottle.

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