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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 2 (May 1, 1934.)

Britain's Biggest Railway

Britain's Biggest Railway.

The London, Midland and Scottish Railway is generally known as Britain's biggest railway. Probably few New Zealanders, however, realise that the annual revenue of the L.M. and S. line is something like four times as large as that of New Zealand. There is scarcely an important city in Britain that is not either served direct by the L.M. and S. or by L.M. and S. through coaches operated in association with one or other of the three remaining group lines. The railway is actually the largest public company in Britain, and also the country's biggest shopkeeper. Its annual revenue is approximately £80,000,000.

Something like 230,000 employees are on the L.M. and S. paybill. With their families, they would make up a city as large as, say, Manchester or Glasgow. With its thirty hotels, the L.M. and S. is the largest hotel-owner in Britain, if not in Europe; while regarding its stations in the light of branch shops, its 2,490 passenger depots, and 2,934 goods stations make it the biggest multiple shop proprietor in the country.