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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 2 (May 1, 1934.)

The Wonders of Wonder

The Wonders of Wonder.

The world is as full of interest as a pawn-broker's day-dream, and unless one is so mentally moribund with cash calculations and arithmeticulous tabulations that one's sense of wonder has been battered blind by the clang of the cash-register, one must find food for constant cogitation concerning the creative correlations of the Curator of the Cosmos. From the sweet perfection of the bee's knee to the towering triumph of the aged tree, from the precision of the spheres to the action of the oyster, from the salivous sagacity of the snail to the Satanic sapience of the snake, from the mechanical perfection of a tick's heart to the rhythmic beat fo a bat's wing, from the groping gravitation of the monkey towards the mental mutability of man, from the intricacies of an insect's eye to the mirificence of the moon, from the life locked in a seed to the mortality mooted by a microbe, there is more than sufficient interest in existence to fill the lives of a cartload of cats.