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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 2 (May 1, 1934.)

Cycling. — The New Sport

page 43

The New Sport.

The “Land of the Almighty Dollar” is finding that the dollar is not so almighty as it once was. The young things are discovering that sports cars are not coming their way as easily as they did a year or two back. But young America is meeting the crisis. The answer to the transport problem is “Buy a bike! It's smart to cycle!” So everybody's doing it. There are even whispers of a revival of the tandem. Even famous dress-designers are deigning to show up-to-the-minute cycling outfits. Sub-debs are crazy about the new sport. Canny business men with money to invest are looking up the likeliest bicycle manufacturing businesses.

So we in New Zealand, who have been calmly riding bikes for years, regardless of fashion, have the satisfaction of knowing that we are pedalling to the fore. Others of us, who haven't yet biked, are seriously thinking of investing a few pounds and saving shoe-leather and tram and bus fares. But a word to you on “Cycling Without Tears.” Buy the best tyres and inner tubes your purse will warrant. A puncture is even more annoying than a break-down in the tram service, for in the latter case you are at least suffering in company—and you don't have to mend the business yourself!