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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 1 (April 2, 1934.)

Items in Railway Expenditure

Items in Railway Expenditure.

That “new brooms sweep clean” appears to be fully realised by the Home railways. Every year, it is recorded, the four group lines spend over £30,000 on sweeping brooms. The railways are among the nation's biggest purchasers of cleaning materials and general stores. One group line recently spent in one year £44,000 on linen. Another paid £55,000 for sponge-cloths and cotton waste in twelve months. The bill for a year's soap supplies for one line worked out at £10,000. Another spent £38,000 on crockery and glassware.

In providing for the uniform clothing of their employees the Home railways buy something like 3,600,000 yards of cloth annually; 520,000 pairs of trousers; 451,000 jackets; 173,000 overcoats; 250,000 caps; and 90,000 pairs of gloves. Other items in the railway housekeeping bill are £37,000 for carriage upholstery; £35,000 for rope; and £ 19,000 for calico and canvas.