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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 6 (October 2, 1933)


Among the Books 5859
A Railway Point 31
Editorial—The Stirrings of Spring 3
Famous New Zealanders 2529
Famous New Zealand Scenes 67
Famous New Zealand Trials 3237
General Manager's Message 4
How Bluey Got the Milk 2123
New Zealand Literature 911
New Zealand Verse 3839
Our Children's Gallery 63
Our London Letter 1719
Our Women's Section 5357
St. Gothard's Pass 45
The Long Bright Land 4647
Topical Tilts and Chatty Charges 1214
The Trail of Adventure 4144
The Wisdom of the Maori 5051
Tourist Wealth Waiting 58
Trainland 62
Variety in Brief 49
World Affairs 61

I hereby certify that the publisher's lists and other records disclose that the circulation of the “New Zealand Railways Magazine” has not been less than 20,000 copies each issue since July, 1930.

Deputy-Controller and Auditor-General.