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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 6 (October 2, 1933)

New Railway Carriages

New Railway Carriages

In a reference to the new carriages which have replaced the older type of passenger carriage on the New Plymouth-Wellington Express, the Eltham Argus in a recent issue states:—

“Passengers from Eltham to Wellington by the express train speak in high praise of the comfort of the new railway carriages. They are brightly upholstered, the backs of the seats are fixed at a convenient angle, and there are comfortable foot-rests. The carriages have quite a ‘home away from home’ atmosphere, and make travelling a pleasure. In them one can smoke, read, or enjoy a friendly chat with fellow passengers. To those who have no taste for these amenities the alternative is offered of a comfortable sleep. Talking of railways, how few of the public recognise how punctually our New Zealand Railways run to their time-table? Considering that the greater part of the traffic is carried over a single line the accuracy of their running is really wonderful. There must be good brains at the head of the traffic department, and faithful, intelligent service on the part of the whole staff in general.”

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