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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 6 (October 2, 1933)

Marvellous Milford—and Others

Marvellous Milford—and Others.

Milford Sound and other islets of the West Coast surpass Norway's fiords in scenic lute because their overpowering grandeur is allied with the vivid greenery of varied vegetation—ferns and mosses, shrubs and trees. Here is Nature's enormous sculpture of the Lion, a monstrous figure whose shaggy head is 3000 feet above the water—a colossus which makes a pigmy of Egypt's famous Sphinx. Here, too, is that noble spire, more than a mile high, well named the Mitre. Ramparts of granite have a sheer rise of 3000 to 5000 feet from the deep Sound. Waterfalls flash from the battlements.

This scrappy narrative of selected scenes does meagre justice to New Zealand. The parts chosen are as single jewels unstrung. In Nature's artistry they are linked by light and colour in unbroken sequence.