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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 6 (October 2, 1933)

It'S Spring-Cleaning Time

It'S Spring-Cleaning Time.

At this season of the year the housewife's thoughts turn to the problems of springcleaning and the refurbishing of the home.

Nowadays there are so many moderately priced and charming furnishing fabrics on the market that it is possible to create fresh and pleasing changes at a small cost. There is an unlimited variety in the materials for interior furnishing, and the most fascinating colours and colour schemes. As most of the fabrics are fadeless, the housewife has a wide choice of colours and designs to make her home attractive on a moderate outlay.

Amongst the fabrics shown are exquisite curtain nets, cretonnes, chintzes, shadow tissues, linens, repps, art silk, brocades, damasks, etc. Chintzes are coming into favour again. The page 55 page 56 designs and colourings are delightful—small floral designs, bunches of roses or lilies, the cottage garden, bouquets of flowers with ribbon bows, the colour of which can be reproduced in bindings and finishings. Chintz has any manner of uses—loose covers, curtains, hangings, etc. It will also cover footstools, cover and disguise boxes as ottomans or dressing tables. All kinds of useful and charming articles can be fashioned, such as work-bags, dressing-table sets, etc.

When deciding on redecorating a room it is desirable to bring it up-to-date, but care must be taken not to make any of your furniture that is not being renovated look shabby.

Chintz is coming into favour again. The designs and colourings are delightful. With an array of small floral designs, large bunches of roses or lilies, and bouquets of flowers with ribbon bows (the colour of which can be reproduced in bindings and finishings), the cottage garden, the new geometrical designs, there is something to harmonise with any wallpaper, floor covering or furniture, so that there is no excuse for dull, dowdy rooms.

Chintz is practical and decorative and can be put to a variety of uses. Loose covers, curtains, cushion covers, bedspreads, and all kinds of fascinating and useful articles may, with a little thought and ingenuity, be made.

The bachelor girl's flat can be transformed into a place of beauty by the use of chintz for cushions, covering chairs, disguising boxes for ottomans and seats, curtains for wardrobes or dressing-tables. Oldfashioned bedsteads may be modernised by the judicious use of chintz. Make loose covers to match the curtains and bedspread and slip them over the ends of the bed.

When buying coloured fabrics for furnishing, it is necessary to get patterns and be sure of the tones and shades before having the material cut. If renewing your china get it to match your breakfast or dining-room furnishings. You can also buy the new coloured pottery bowls and vases to match or tone with your colur scheme.

* * *