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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 6 (October 2, 1933)

By Tasman Bluffs

By Tasman Bluffs.

On a bit of headland in Tasman Bay,
Out-thrust towards sea and sky,
The children of Tane bow low, they say—
Bend their backs as the wind goes by.
Karaka, birch, and manuka, too.
And the long green tufty grass,
Turn from Matangi, the wind god, who
Is in thunderous haste to pass.
And then some days in a terrible gale,
On their poor bent backs he sweeps,
And they shudder and moan—so goes the tale—
While Tane, their mother, weeps.
On this bit of headland in Tasman Bay,
Where the trees are crippled and bent,
Matangi will have his merciless way,
'Till the breath of the god is spent.