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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 4 (August 1, 1933)

Fly-fishing or Dumb-wading

Fly-fishing or Dumb-wading.

Fishing, angling, dangling, or dumb-wading, was first discovered by Sir Isaak Newton who, after noting how quickly an apple can fall off a tree, invented the law of gravity, and thus got an angle on angling. The law of levity may do for such sports as pitching the pie or throwing the party; but in fishing, the only natural law is the law of gravity. If it were not a grave and serious matter, who would stand all day immersed to his watch pocket in glacier-gravy, like a traffic cop in Venice? Fly-fishing, in fact, demands an iron constitution (rustless), nerves of steel (stainless), a heart of oak (warpless), and a heap of hope (dauntless). Some fishermen actually catch fish, and others only say they do, thus illustrating the difference between veracity and loquacity, a nibble and a quibble, and hooks and lies. Trout fishing is a matter of aquatic acquiescence or waiting and wading, for trout will not swallow hook, line and sinker like you and I, but will only take a fly at such things as pink-eyed spinnakers, minnows, winnows or swizzled swats.