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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 4 (August 1, 1933)

Tawa Flat Deviation

Tawa Flat Deviation.

“The necessity for a new railway station building at Wellington,” said Mr. Coates, “is well known, and it has for long been realised that any permanent scheme for putting page 10 the railway facilities at Wellington on a satisfactory footing involves more than the erection of a new station building. This led to the formulation of a scheme for the complete rearrangement of the terminal facilities, and this was included in the programme of railway improvements originally drawn up.

“Coupled with the rearrangement of the terminal facilities was a new railway outlet from the city by a deviation which would join up with the existing line near Tawa Flat. A commencement of the scheme was made with the reclamation at Wellington, and the driving of the tunnels on the deviation. The position is that the reclamation has been completed, the new goods shed erected and brought into use, and the tunnels and formation work on the deviation will be completed during the current financial year.”