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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 4 (August 1, 1933)


The decision of the Government to embark on important public works, including the construction of the new railway station at Wellington, together with improved facilities, was announced by the Acting-Prime Minister (the Rt. Hon. J. G. Coates) on 29th June. Tenders are to be called this month for the erection of the new railway station the estimated cost of which has been reduced from £483,000, as originally planned, to £350,000. The Government has also decided to proceed with the completion of the Tawa Flat deviation work during the current financial year, and to proceed with the electrification of the Wellington-Paekakariki section at a capital cost of £277,000.

(Rly. Publicity photo.) The Bunny Street Frontage of Wellington's new Railway Station.

(Rly. Publicity photo.)
The Bunny Street Frontage of Wellington's new Railway Station.

The decision to proceed with the works is in accord with the Government's policy in respect to both public and private developmental works throughout New Zealand.

In making the announcement, Mr. Coates said that the Government had had under the closest review numerous projects, many of which for financial reasons had been deferred during recent years, and it was considered that the present time was the most opportune to proceed with these two major works within, of course, the scope of the finance available.

“In the decision to make an immediate commencement with these works, advantage has been taken of a further factor, namely, the favourable price level upon which construction costs can now be computed.”

Mr. Coates said that before a final decision was reached with respect to the permanent station for Wellington, action was taken to reduce the cost to the lowest possible figure. “A thorough overhaul of the original plans,” he continued, “has been made, and various modifications decided upon by which the estimated cost has been reduced from £483,000, as originally planned, to £350,000.

“A programme of work over a four-year period is being arranged, and the necessary alterations to the original plans are now in hand. It is intended to let the work by contract, and tenders will be called before the end of August. They will close about five weeks later, and the work will be commenced very soon thereafter. In the meantime the Department will carry out the work of clearing the site for the building.”