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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 3 (July 1, 1933)

Answers To Correspondents

Answers To Correspondents.

E.L.—Don't quite get some of the meaning, but the spirit's superb. Using. J.J.S.—Sorry, not suitable. A. S.—Joke has no point for us. E.M.G.—The tale is good, but too nearly true to publish—at our expense! Luckily the verses have everything in their favour. O.S.O.—Description good, but ideas congested. At the fourth reading got some glimmering of the metre—by chanting it. Too hard. E.J.—Your Cape is a good one. W.I.H.— The still room is fine, but the verse we decline. E.K.— First stanza excellent—then you drop into unrelated blank verse. Why? T.B.W.—A good song on a fine subject. A.B.—The spirit of the long trail is there, but the style is not sustained. G.M.—Sorry unable to use. Our object is to obtain distinctively New Zealand subjects. S.G.A.—Charming. W.G.T.—A good thought. M.L.G.—A piece of well-rhymed declamation. G.R.—Drawing and joke well done, although subject not new; but we must think of our passengers! G.E.T.—Although description good, afraid we have no room for it. S.W.L.—Not quite the kind of thing wanted. Try the other impressionistic stuff. J.J.S.—Another good one. C.J.A.—Hope to use early. L.M.B.—Would prefer something happier. M.G.—Lines are too general, might apply to almost anywhere. N.H.—Regret story not suitable. We do not propose to feature puzzles. A.G.L.C.—Pleased with both shots. P.P.—Sorry, not up to standard. J.W.B._____Distinctly interesting. I.M.P.—Glad to use. L.A.H.—Will try to use interesting verses. Other matter not quite suitable. L.R.—Thanks. A very helpful suggestion, clearly stated. W.H.B.—Regret space not available for this fine material. Konini—Good stories, but more than we can manage. Regret brief article not the kind we are at present looking for. E.M.G.—Your story is the goods—and not too fragile, at that! Will run later. Katiti—Not quite suitable for our purpose. Romer—Might lead to accidents. T.W.P.—Your tale rings true and has the real New Zealand touch. P.C.H.—A graphic picture, but last four lines sustain neither the sense nor the rhythm. In this country, too, most people are not well up in wolves. W.B.—Romance, with an unusual twist—accepted.