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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 3 (July 1, 1933)

The Historic “Hetton” Locomotive

The Historic “Hetton” Locomotive.

One hundred and eleven years ago there was put into service on the Hetton Railway, in Northern England, the historic “Hetton” locomotive constructed by George Stephenson and Nicholas Wood. This famous engine has been given a place of honour in the unique railway museum established at York.

Built in 1822, the “Hetton” was rebuilt in 1857 and again in 1882, when link motion was fitted. The engine was actually in harness until 1913, and under its own steam it proudly led the Railway Centenary procession of old and modern locomotives at Darlington, on July 2nd, 1925. The “Hetton” now stands on show—a rare monument to the genius of Stephenson and his colleagues, and a rare inspiration for the railwaymen of to-day.

The “Hetton” engine (built 1822) in the York Railway Museum.

The “Hetton” engine (built 1822) in the York Railway Museum.

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