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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 3 (July 1, 1933)



“Pageant,” by G. B. Lancaster (Endeavour Press, Sydney and Wellington.—Before I read the book I was agreeably surprised that a comparatively new Australian Publishing House could produce a book that challenges comparison with the best English publishing houses. The jacket is arresting, the format must please the real booklover. The edition is better than the English edition and can stand up to the excellence of the Canadian edition. As for the story, just read it, and exult in the fact that this country has given such a brilliant novelist to the world. Price, 6/6.

“The Devil Rides High” (“Cassell's) ties you down from Chapter I. to the end. There is no let up in the all absorbing interest of this story of love and aerial adventure in the Arctic. Jealousy is the theme. Clarence Winchester, the author, is editor of “The Argosy” and “Cassells Magazine.”

“Gold-dust and Ashes” (Angus and Robertson, Sydney), is one of the most enthralling stories we have had of the New Guinea Gold-fields. The author, Ion Idriess, gives us a powerful story of this dangerous and most romantic country and the heroic struggles of lion-hearted prospectors in their search for gold. What a glorious change for the novel reader in this true to life story. A great six shillings worth.