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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 3 (July 1, 1933)


The Agricultural Department's Veterinary Laboratory at Wallaceville, near Wellington. The laboratory has been very busy lately in the campaign against swine fever.

This article gives glimpses of some of the very important scientific work done by the Department of Agriculture to enable farming industries to improve the quality and increase the quantity of production.

As science, at its best, is knowledge of Nature, the heading of this article may seem a little impertinent, at first sight, but it will be proved reasonable in the course of the narrative. By intensive and extensive study of Nature man can induce her to work for his advantage.

Of course, the Agricultural Department, in its various expert divisions, touches farming at all stages—from soil analysis to inspection and grading of the products. Laboratories and Plant Research Stations are ever busy for the guidance of the man on the land. When he receives advice about matters of pasture, crop or stock, he will readily accept it and act on it, if he is wise, because it is well supported by scientific research. This keen persistent specialisation in various branches of research is very beneficial to farmers, who are relieved from the risks of doubtful experimentation.