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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 3 (July 1, 1933)

More Excellent Riddles

More Excellent Riddles.

Q.: At which station does the cook spoil the bacon? A.: Burnham.

Q.: Where do the paddocks jump? A.: At Springfield.—Joan O'Brien, 383 Barrington St., Spreydon, Christchurch.

Q.: Why do firemen wear strong boots? A.: To prevent Sockburn.—Violet Wells, 378 Barrington Street, Spreydon, Christchurch.

Q.: What town on the New Zealand Railways is heavy at one end and light at the other?

A.: Feathers-ton.—Lydia Dassler, Te Rau-a-moa, via Te Awamutu.

Q.: What station is like a piece of worn out footwear? A.: Dun-sandle.—Ted Breach.

Q.: Where do birds fly to for a good home?

A.: Birdling's flat.—Noeline Breach, Cadman Road, Dannevirke.

Q.: Who was a great poet? A.: Milton.—Oliver Smart, Raglan Street, Wyndham.

Q.: What is the jolliest place in New Zealand? A.: HO-HO.

Q.: Which is the smallest valley in the world? A.: Inch Valley.—Miss D. Tonkin, C/o Post Office, Heriot, Otago.

Q.: Where did “Cora Lynn” “Hyde” the “Blackball?” A.: In “Greymouth.”—Ivan Mitchell, 46 Hills Road, Shirley, Christchurch.

Q.: What place is almost free of the sheep tick pest? A.: Utiku. Because there is only a tick between to 2 ewes—U-tik-u.—Utiku is a station six miles from Taihape.—Poppy Montgomery, 144 Mataroa Road, Taihape.

* * *