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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 3 (July 1, 1933)

A Win for the Sun

A Win for the Sun.

It was the next morning, I think, and a very frosty one, too, that a member of our party who hailed from much warmer climes, was rather pleased with himself as he had practically an empty pack, because he had put on his change of underclothing as well as what he already was wearing. However, we couldn't help laughing at him when, after an hour's walk, he disappeared behind some big boulders in order to discard his extra clothes. The sun had chased away the morning mists and was shining brilliantly and strongly on that doubly-clad man on an uphill path.

Many are the laughs and funny experiences we had on that great trip. However, it came to an end—as all good things do. Now it is your turn. All you who love a good tramp—you to whom the Track is as yet but a name—should promise yourself that one day, before so very long, you will pack your swag and away to enjoy the thrill of “The World's Wonder Walk.”