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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 3 (July 1, 1933)

“Strides,” Of Course

“Strides,” Of Course.

And now, girls, you will be delighted to hear, I'm sure, how really inexpensive your outfit will be for that pilgrimage through fairyland. Be well advised, girls! Wear “strides!” If you have not already a pair, beg, borrow or steal some, as they are by far the best kit for hiking. Also, get a couple of pair of someone's golf stockings, wear a comfortable, strong pair of shoes, and you are practically set.

Perhaps you have not worn “strides” before. If not, you will feel as we did when we had to make our first appearance at breakfast one morning—just a trifle shy—but hearty appetites and the need of satisfying them, soon settled our qualms, and from then on for the rest of the trip, we wore them as to the manner born, feeling quite sorry when our return to conventional civilisation demanded the wearing of skirts again.

The writer snapped on the Milford Track.

The writer snapped on the Milford Track.