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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 3 (July 1, 1933)

Joy in Simplicity

Joy in Simplicity.

I looked for joy in simple things,
And in the crystal morning light,
I glimpsed the brilliant glowing wings
Of butterflies in happy flight.
I trod upon the dewy grass
That reached unto my dress's hem,
And bowed to earth to let me pass,
To spring again on slender stem.
On nearby hedge a bright array
Of webs that humble spiders spun,
All splashed with dew of early day,
Gleamed multi-coloured in the sun.
Bird voices filled the limpid air,
Fresh perfumes floated lazily,
My heart rejoiced that I should share
Such deep and fragrant ecstasy.
Below me in green wooded glen
There flowed a swift and shining stream,
That bubbled forth from shaded fen,
And captured day's caressing gleam.
Shy birds came hopping near my feet,
Fair bluebells nodded merrily,
And when I touched my pansies sweet,
Their lovely faces smiled on me.
The gentle wind's soft whispering
I heard, and pleasant hum of bees,
While sun and shadow flickering,
Threw checkered shadows ‘neath the trees.
Upon my listening ear there fell
The soothing sound of ocean waves,
White seagulls wheeled above their swell,
Or cried about dark mystic caves.
I dreamed, and when I waked, the night
Had fallen and bade work to cease;
I looked above and there the light
Of silent stars told me of peace.
I looked for joy and lo! I found
That life gave joy abundantly,
Poured forth from simple things around,
A joy that will not pass from me.

* * *