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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 2 (June 1, 1933)

Passing the Buck-up

Passing the Buck-up.

The cheerful chump is a confidence-man whose gold-bricks are not lead-lined, and who passes the buck-up instead of the “buck.”

When Hope is laid low with ruematism; when the pessimist plays Luck's Lament on the melancholia; when everything seems as bad as it is and nothing even as good as it was; when the world has pawned its faith and lost the ticket; when all these things have happened the cheerful chump refuses to throw in the towel simply because both eyes are bunged and the floor has got stuck to his chest. For taking all in gall, “cheer” flutters among the flowers of fortitude, while the misery — merchant like a bottled beetle burbles that contentment is corked and beautitude “bootlegged.” Such briefly is a brief for the champion of cheer, the producer of Honour Bright's Pop-o-light Pills for people who pall.