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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 8 (February 1, 1933)

New Type of Turntable

New Type of Turntable.

The powerful locomotives employed in Britain for passenger and freight train haulage to-day, call for the utilisation of new equipment of every kind. Turntables, for instance, have to be of very robust and efficient design to stand up to present-day requirements.

The L. and N.E. line has introduced a new type of turn-table, the invention of Mr. Mundt, of the Dutch State Railways, and constructed by Ransomes and Rapier, of Ipswich. Only a very shallow pit is required, and none of the former “balancing” of the locomotive is needed. The table rests on shallow continuous girders, reinforced for a certain distance between the centre and the ends. Sixty per cent, of the load is carried on the centre pivot, and forty per cent, on the wheels or rollers at the table-ends. Turning is accomplished either by electric drive or hand winch through suitable gearing. The turning of the heaviest engine is accomplished page 21 with ease in a few minutes. Turn-tables of the Mundt type have for some time been employed in Holland, Belgium, and elsewhere. This is the first application of the Mundt table to British practice.