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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 8 (February 1, 1933)

London's Bright Stations

London's Bright Stations.

Marked improvement in the interior lighting of many London termini affords a reminder of the striking developments effected in railway lighting generally in the past decade. Better lighting arrangements ensure safe and speedy working and attract business. In station lighting, the aim at Home is to present to the eye of the observer, looking along the length of the platform, a clear view, unimpeded by dazzling spots of light, exposed mantles or filaments being cleverly screened. Electric metal filament lamps are usually employed. In the interior illumination of signal-boxes, local screened lights, illuminating the dials and levers, but leaving the remainder of the room in subdued brightness, have become general.

Flood lighting of the exterior of railway premises is a favoured development, while ingenious lighting equipment is utilised at many stations in connection with train and platform indicators. Several railways, as for example the London and North Eastern and the Southern, have relegated responsibility for the whole of the lighting over their lines to a single official, a move that has proved distinctly helpful.