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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 8 (February 1, 1933)

Eyes in Summer

Eyes in Summer.

February sun, giving to hair a brilliance and light, to skins a warm golden-brown glow, to cheeks a pink flush of health, to minds a swift happiness—is often rather unkind to eyes, which have so longed to see it. Long days on the beach watching the white surf and the yellow sands, tramping along hot dusty roads, tearing in motor cars through space—all these demand rather too much from eyes which have been focussed for many months on figures. They become “gritty” and inflamed; they ache, tiny crow's-feet appear at the corners, lashes become bleached, in fact they make themselves felt rather unpleasantly and demand your attention. You will find that wearing dark glasses when the sun is too bright, will save your eyes tremendously. Pop them on to sun-bathe on the beach. You might look distressingly intellectual, but you can put up with that to appear in the evening with clear, bright, beautiful eyes. An eye-lotion is a necessity and not a luxury in summer. Bathe the eyes every evening for a few minutes. As for lashes, a touch of castor-oil applied with a cork will keep them dark and glossy, and a little smear on the lids will do no harm.

Remember how important are your eyes—how, to be expressive, they must be protected a bit from summer sun.

* * *