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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 8 (February 1, 1933)

For You! Success

For You! Success.

What do you want to be when you leave school?

Had I asked you this question a few weeks ago you would probably have shrugged your shoulders hopelessly and said: “What's the good of wanting? We've got no chance.”

What a difference now.

To-day, New Zealand's slogan is: “Give Youth its Chance.” And youth is taking heart again, lifting up its head, smiling and eager, waiting for its chance.

But listen, you older girls and boys.

Your chance is not likely to come along just by waiting. Nor is it likely to be found in the situations vacant columns. There are always hundreds of others waiting for those few vacancies.

You Trainlanders, the coming citizens, will have to set to and make fresh opportunities, discover new avenues of work for yourselves.

The other day I was talking to an inventor and patent attorney; his office was filled with all kinds of queer and clever inventions. Most inventions, he said, were the result of people noting the obstacles with which they met in their work. Then, in their spare time, they set to and invented things to overcome those obstacles.

That is what you can do, girls and boys. Keep a sharp look out for what is needed, and then invent something which will be helpful. Almost every firm and department welcome beneficial suggestions. For instance, our New Zealand Railways receive hundreds of helpful suggestions every year, and they use many of them, rewarding the suggesters.

Hard times? Yes. But times are not too hard for people to be tempted by attractive benefits for business and personal use.

Most people have heard so much talk about hard times that they become frightened to spend their money. Of course they make hard times for themselves, because they go without all the good things they have been used to, and which make life worth living. They also prevent you young people from getting jobs and stop other people from working, making the good things which they go without.

So, you see, your business is to tempt these people with your ideas. Start that money circulating for your use! There is really no shortage of money. It hasn't been spirited away from this old world beyond our reach. Although it certainly is harder to get nowadays, it is still here, the same as at any prosperous period.

You are bound to be successful if you try to sell your services in some new and novel way which will catch people's imagination and admiration.

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Have you girls heard of the Christchurch girl who has turned her hobby of pets into a profitable full-time occupation? She minds people's pets while they are away on holiday.

Here are a few other hobbies young New Zealanders are using for making good money:—Novelty cooking for invalids; arranging party tables and painting Maoriland Christmas cards and calendars; an Auckland girl is designing silks for an overseas firm; one boy is making a profitable living all the year round by making toys in his carpenter's workshop.

But remember—these enterprising girls and boys have had confidence not only in their plans, but in themselves.

Think hard! Ideas will soon come. Probably you already have plenty of schemes. Now is your chance to step ahead with them.

To be successful in life you must believe you can do things. No good thinking, “Oh, it's a good plan alright, but I couldn't carry it out.” You could!

You never can tell what launching out on your own will lead to. Sooner or later someone is bound to say: “My word! Plenty of pep in you! You're the very one I'm looking for”

So, although at present you may not feel like it, try and keep smiling. It looks successful and will be successful. Few people can resist a friendly, optimistic smile. It is really your sunshine radiating from you to warm people up; and for people to be warmed up and interested in your schemes is the first step towards your success and getting what you want, isn't it?

* * *