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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 3 (July 1, 1932)

Current Comments

page 17

Current Comments

Service Appreciated.

The party of Hawke's Bay children returning to their homes from the Motuihi Sunshine Camp, Auckland, where they had been staying since the earthquake of last year, had a warm welcome awaiting them at Palmerston North, where they arrived at an early hour on 19th May. Upon the arrival of the train, the little travellers were taken to the Railway Social Hall (placed at their disposal by the Stationmaster at Palmerston North) and there, before a warm fire which had been provided, were able to partake of refreshments and enjoy themselves generally before resuming their journey.

Appreciation of the action of the Stationmaster in providing the above facilities for the children is indicated in the following letter received by the Stationmaster from the Mayor of Palmerston North:—

I wish to express to you my sincere thanks and appreciation for all you did in connection with the recent stop-over of the 95 children from Auckland, who were returning to Napier.

It is a wonderful help to anyone occupying such a position as mine to receive the help and co-operation of Government officials, such as you extended to me.

Will you also please convey to all your officers and staff my sincere appreciation. I can assure you that the children and those travelling with them valued your thoughtful actions very much indeed.

The Value of Publicity.

Speaking at the annual general meeting of the Travel Association of Great Britain and Ireland, the Prince of Wales incidentally observed: “Seventy years ago, Delane, the great editor of The Times, said: ‘My business is publicity.’ Let us remember that phrase. It recalls to my mind another, a somewhat lighter quotation I once heard, adapted from an old rhyme: ‘Early to bed and early to rise, but you'll soon be bust if you don't advertise.’ (Laughter.) These words, I feel, are very true at this moment. There is undoubtedly—and I have said it before—a great deal more that we in this country could do in the way of advertising; but our publicity at the same time must be rationalised, as they say in industry. It must be organised on broad, co-operative and economical lines, as the Travel Association is doing. By supporting the Travel Association you are doing a service to our country and to your own business, and I look forward to the day when, as an association and as a nation, we shall be well repaid for the thought, labour, skill, and courage which have gone to the making of such a useful and practical organisation.”

* * *

Bookstall Management.

The railway bookstall at Christchurch is now being run by the Railway Department. Up to the present it has been the custom of the Department to let the selling rights of these establishments by tender, but the Department took over the Christchurch stall when the lessee vacated recently, and will continue to run it.

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The Railway Story In Colour. Typical of the coloured slides as shewn in picture theatres, being part of the Railways publicity campaign.

The Railway Story In Colour.
Typical of the coloured slides as shewn in picture theatres, being part of the Railways publicity campaign.