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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 7 (February 1, 1932.)

“Hinkley's Lion”

page 62

“Hinkley's Lion”

In 1839 Hinkley & Drury began locomotive building in Boston, their first engine being the “Lion”—commonly referred to as “Hinkley's Lion.” It had four wheels, all of which were drivers. The frame was outside of the wheels and the cylinders were outside connected, being secured to the smokebox on an incline. The boiler was horizontal, with the firebox overhanging the rear wheels. The “Lion” had a boiler with a small wagon top firebox and a big dome on the middle of the boiler. The “Lion” weighed ten tons.

(From “The Development of the Locomotive” published by The Central Steel Company, Massillon, Ohio, U.S.A.)