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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 1 (May 1, 1931)

Your Own Railway

page 40

Your Own Railway

The following is the third instalment of the text of a little booklet, explanatory of the services and facilities of the New Zealand Railways, recently issued by the Railways Publicity Branch and distributed to all schools throughout the Dominion.

You do not need to carry your own cushions to increase the comfort of journeys on the Main Trunk Express trains of the North and South Islands. The railways supply nice big pillows, soft and clean, at ls. each for the whole of the trip. The seats themselves are cosy, but the pillow gives a pleasant finishing touch.

On the Limited Express trains between Auckland and Wellington and on the Night Express between Christchurch and In-vercargill, pillows are obtainable from sleeping-car attendants. For the ordinary expresses on these Main Trunk lines they may be hired at Auckland, Wellington, Christ-church, and Invercargill.

In other ways your railways make provision for your comfort. On the Main Trunk lines there are train attendants who keep the carriages clean, and are pleased to offer a helping hand to elderly persons entering or leaving a carriage.

Altogether your railways are doing their best to ensure safe and comfortable travelling at the lowest possible cost. Many visitors from other countries have warmly praised the spirit of service and courtesy of the railways staff.

(To be continued.)

Rock-a-Bye Baby.

Rock-a-Bye Baby.