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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 9 (April 1, 1931)

Rotorua the Show Place

Rotorua the Show Place.

It should be made more widely known that Rotorua is not only the focus of the page 27 wonderful Geyserland, but is also the principal Maori show-place of the Dominion. It is the one place where the people are able and willing at short notice to provide a reproduction of the picturesque old life, with its costumes and its songs and dances. For the rest, the Maori shares the ordinary working life of his pakeha fellow-New Zealanders. He engages in the dairying business, in stock-raising, in crop growing; and practically the only difference between the two races in the economy of life is that the Maori can follow the simple plan of old time when money runs short.

He can live on the products of bush, sea and creek. And even the Rotorua folk, who charm the eyes and ears of tourists with their entertainments, are hardworking toilers on the land most of their time.