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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 9 (April 1, 1931)

Your Own Railway

page 16

Your Own Railway

The following is the second instalment of the text of a little booklet, explanatory of the services and facilities of the New Zealand Railways, recently issued by the Railways Publicity Branch and distributed to all schools throughout the Dominion.

As the people own the railways, the policy of the State is to give the best possible service to the people in various ways. Therefore the ordinary fares are kept on the lowest possible scale, and there are special concessions which enable many thousands of families to have cheap holiday outings. The railways also help to reduce the cost of living for workers whose homes are miles away from the places of employment. Using a weekly ticket a worker can travel 10 miles for about 2d. This social or community service of the railways is very important for the people's welfare.

What is the “family concession ticket”? What does it mean? It means that father and mother and all of their children under 16 years of age can travel together, second class, at the cost of only three full tickets. The journey must be one of not less than 20 miles, and the children must be accompanied by at least one of their parents. For example, for a distance of 25 miles the ordinary full second-class return fare is 5s. 6d., and the holiday excursion fare 4s. Father, mother and six children (under the age of 16 years) could travel on the “family concession ticket” for 16s. 6d. (ordinary) or 12s. (holiday excursion).

The Railway Pocket Guide gives full information of other important concessions.

(To be continued.)