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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 9 (April 1, 1931)

Emotion in Motion

Emotion in Motion.

Speaking of Happiness reminds us that Life is a rolling-pin, and that a rolling-pin gathers no rust; neither does rolling stock gather moss; the happy rollers who roll in the rolling-stock need no moth-balls in the mind, for the railway train is emotion in motion, transports transported, railed reflection, hope conferred, and inspiration by dispensation of condensation. In fact a land without railways is as inconceivable as an oxidized ox, an underground aeroplane, a sunburned whale, a pint of perforations, or a vest-pocket watermelon. The railway is the long arm of Progress, reaching out across the land and giving encouragement, hope, cheer, and life itself, to the people who strive in the land beyond the back of beyond. It lessens the burden of care which rests on the shoulders of the toiler, transports the fruits of his striving to the market place, and brings him in exchange the things which make life supportable. But the railway is more than the servant of Man—it is his friend. Sometimes, merely to see a friend brings inspiration and renews courage and hope. The long glistening rails which sweep away into the heart of the distance like a silver arrow, are the link which joins man to man. Merely to see the rails induces in the heart a feeling
A Cleaner on the. Railway

A Cleaner on the. Railway

of companionship, and dispels the grey mists of loneliness. The rail is there, running smooth, stable and sturdy, an inspiration and an encouragement. And the racing train is a symphony in steam as it speeds like a flying black colossus—power, precision and speed combined with grace. It is friendly and kindly, like most big characters. Men at the road-side follow its progress with friendly emotion as it speeds into the eye of the sun; women stand at their doors and wave the hand of happy recognition; children perch on gates and fences crying in shrill gladness as the benign monster glides past. The train brings a lump into the throat, an extra heart-beat, a feeling that romance is not dead, and an emotion of deep affection. The old “Iron Horse” is still the favourite in the Race of Progress.