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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 9 (April 1, 1931)

Amusing Troubles of a Tourist

Amusing Troubles of a Tourist.

The following story, written by an ex-railway official with an intimate knowledge of the facts, describes some amusing incidents associated with the alternating appearance, and disappearance in transit, of a large trunk which contained the belongings of an English tourist who visited New Zealand many years ago.

Leonard Mayne Bolton inherited from his father a small business in London. The business was of a personal character, and required his close attention during working hours. His leisure was spent with his mother, who was an invalid, and who, though not entirely confined to the house, was incapable of any exertion. Life for him ran in a narrow groove, and he became so habituated to the regular round that, when after some years his mother died, he had no inclination to change his mode of living.

With the years his assiduous devotion to his business brought increased income; the surplus, in excess of his simple needs, was placed in a safe investment against the days when he could work no more. Time passed almost unnoticed, and though he had latterly employed an assistant he was not conscious of any failure of personal capacity. He was, therefore, surprised when on reaching his office one morning he was seized with an attack of vertigo, and was unable to continue his work. He returned home, and sent for his friend, the local medical practitioner, who could find no evident cause of trouble, but advised him to consult a specialist. After a careful examination, the specialist stated that there was nothing organically wrong, but his constitution was exhausted by a long term of monotonous existence, without variety or recreation. He advised complete rest from present work, and a change of surroundings to awaken interest in matters other than business. Such rest and change as might be obtained by taking a long sea voyage would probably restore him to normal health.