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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 8 (February 1, 1931)

The Originating Minds of the Station Scheme

The Originating Minds of the Station Scheme.

Mr. H. H. Sterling, General Manager of the New Zealand Railways, in his association with the later stages of the new Auckland station project, has been fully seized of the present-day necessity for the best terminal facilities at our larger centres, not only to facilitate the rapid and economical transport of goods, but to meet the public demand for comfort and convenience as afforded by fully equipped modern station buildings.

While many minds have been at work on the problems in the past it has fallen to the lot of the present engineers to revise, consolidate and complete the scheme on the lines of modern practice. Special reference should, however, be made to the late Mr. D. T. McIntosh who, in his capacity as District Engineer at Auckland, carried out the preliminary investigations in connection with the scheme. For the last six years the work has been under the control of Mr. F. C. Widdop, M.Inst.C.E., as Chief Engineer. Associated with him in the matter of designing the sheds, bridges and trackwork has been the Designing Engineer, Mr. A. S. Wansbrough, M.Inst. C.E. Mr. J. K. Lowe, as District Engineer, Auckland, exercised general supervision over the construction operations, but their immediate oversight was delegated to a New Works Engineer. There have been several occupants of this position from the time the work started, but to Mr. J. Dow, Assoc. M.Inst. C.E., has fallen the heavy task of carrying out the new construction and merging it into the old yard, and also changing over to the new arrangements without serious interruption to traffic operations.

A large staff of workmen has been employed, and the efficient work done by them, under very exacting circumstances, is worthy of commendation. The construction of the intricate trackwork in the yard and its approaches—work done with safety and despatch, often under severe traffic conditions—has been in the capable hands of Mr. G. McLeod, Inspector of Permanent Way.

An important feature of the new work has been the installation (for the safety of train operations) of the very latest power signalling and interlocking throughout the yard, and also the erection of powerful floodlights for the benefit of the staff at night. This work has been under the direction of Mr. G. W. Wyles, A.M.Inst. E.E., Signal and Electrical Engineer.