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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 8 (February 1, 1931)

Argentina's Agreement

Argentina's Agreement.

Without attempting to enter into political controversy, it is well to understand this argument of the Labour freetrade stalwart. Within the British Empire, it has its expression in India. Outside the British Empire, South America illustrates the case as well as any other country. With Argentina, for instance, the British Labour Government made a conditional agreement (not yet completed) last year. According to the published outline, Argentina was to favour certain British goods by means of “bulk purchases” (a device that made fitful appearances in the Imperial Conference page 14 communiques) and by customs preferment on certain conditions. One of the conditions, it appeared, was an undertaking by the British Government not to exclude Argentine meats and grains from any customs preference thereafter to be granted by Britain. A rather significant British cablegram of 12th November announced on the authority of the British Foreign Office that this agreement awaits the approval of the Argentine Senate.