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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 8 (February 1, 1931)

Popular Annual Function

page 58

Popular Annual Function

A Touch of Real Christmas.

“It is ‘some’ year we have come through — a year carrying more strain than any that the Department of Railways has known,” said the General Manager (Mr. H. H. Sterling) at the annual pre-Christmas jubilation of the Railways Head Office staff.

As last year, the ladies of the staff, under the direction of Miss B. McQueen, had set tables for afternoon tea, and there were strings of gay balloons overhead. In due course these balloons were released, and for five minutes the staff of both sexes, and of all ages and stages, enjoyed themselves pushing balloons. The harder the year, the greater the need of the jubilation and vacation that came with Christmas.

“We perform a service,” said the General Manager, “comparable with that of any other section of the community. I knew that you would not let me down, and you have justified my confidence. I hope that 1931 will not be another such hard year, but, if it be, I know that you will face it and respond to the call.”

Addressing the girls particularly, Mr. Sterling said that, though their wishes might not agree with his, he hoped that the Department would retain each of them for at least another year, and that no external attraction would lead them into another sort of life. He would again express his confidence that the staff of both sexes would live up to its responsibilities.

A bright gathering terminated in congratulations to the ladies on the success of their efforts in breaking the monotony of a drab year with a touch of real Christmas.

page 59

Robertson protected Metal Sheets

Few firms engaged in the manufacture of building materials have such a record of progress as have H. H. Robertson Co., Ellesmere Port, England, manufacturers of Robertson Protected Metal (“R.P.M.”) sheets and ventilators.

The policy of this company, since its inception, 25 years ago, has been to concentrate exclusively on the production of an inexpensive, permanent sheeting for the roofing and siding of commercial buildings. At the present day the H. H. Robertson Co. are operating large works in England. Canada and U.S.A., while branch offices and agencies are established in the main cities of the world.

R.P.M. sheets have the strength of galvanised steel sheets with none of their disadvantages. The annealed steel core of R.P.M. is enclosed under heat and pressure in a thick envelope of specially refined asphalte, which, in turn, is encased and bonded under pressure with a coat of heavy asbestos felt. The third and final treatment is the application of the tough waterproof sealing coat, which protects the sheet from mechanical abrasion and damage in fixing. The sheet steel core by reason of the three distinct sealing coats, is absolutely protected against corrosion under the most severe conditions obtainable.

The New Zealand Railways Department use R.P.N. extensively for covering the large structures housing the Department's rolling stock and machinery.

Ten years ago the H. H. Robertson Company commenced the study of ventilation in commercial buildings. Experiments and tests were carried out for a period of three years, during which time over fifty different types of ventilators were tested under working conditions.

A feature of the Robertson ventilator, is the patent suction band which enables the ventilator to exhaust at full capacity, irrespective of the direction of the wind. Moving parts, liable to choke and stop the action of the ventilator, have been entirely eliminated, making installation a very simple matter, requiring no expert supervision.