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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 6 (October 1, 1930)

A Flourishing British Industry

A Flourishing British Industry.

Good it is to hear of an industry “virtually unaffected by the present worldwide trade depression.” Such a one, says the Secretary for the Dominions (the Hon. J. H. Thomas), is wireless. British radio manufacturers, he adds, are constructing six new factories, covering 200,000 square feet. And there are no unemployed in the trade, which is, on the other hand, absorbing unskilled labour. It is one of the greenest branches on the not altogether green tree of British industry. At the National Radio Exhibition, which Mr. Thomas opened in London, they show a wireless receiving set (weight, a few ounces) entirely concealed in a policeman's helmet, and enabling the wearer to receive orders concerning crime and criminals from any police station within a radius of eight miles. That the wireless people can establish an intelligence department in a man's hat is wonderful page 13 enough. They may yet introduce one into his head. To “talk through your hat” used to be a disgrace. To hear through it will one day be entirely proper.