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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 6 (October 1, 1930)

Constructive Criticism Appreciated

Constructive Criticism Appreciated.

I Have been very much gratified by the number of invitations that have been extended to me by various organisations, businessmen and others, to address them. I have endeavoured to meet every invitation, but I regret that the necessities of business prevented my acceding to all of them. I am hopeful, however, of addressing during the coming year the bodies whom I have not yet been able to meet.

I have received most valuable assistance on the occasions of which I have been privileged to address these gatherings, and I have had many helpful suggestions and much constructive criticism. This latter I have particularly welcomed, as I feel that criticism that is constructive in its nature—especially when it is ultimately found to be well-founded—is not only helpful, but very pleasing. It has been my constant endeavour to treat every piece of such criticism with the respect that was due to it, and the opportunities that have often thus developed for free and frank discussion with those who are directing their thoughts towards railway problems, have brought a large understanding of the public point of view to me, and, I sincerely trust, some understanding of the railway position to those with whom I have held discussions.