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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 1 (May 1, 1930)

Amalgamation of Underground Railway Undertakings

Amalgamation of Underground Railway Undertakings.

One of the most interesting moves in the European railway world is the amalgamation of the two underground electric railways serving Paris-the Metropolitan and the North-South system. The Metropolitan system comprises about 60 miles of double-track, with 174 stations. Trains are run on the direct current system at 600 volts, with track conductor. Train signalling is entirely automatic, and trains normally consist of five carriages, which carry about 500 passengers. In a normal week, some 13,000,000 passengers are handled, and the staff employed on the system numbers 8,200.

In relation to its size and population, the French capital is better served by underground railways than any other city in the world, there being about one mile of double-track to every 42,500 inhabitants. For many years there has been a close working agreement between, the Metropolitan and the North-South system, and their amalgamation into one compact undertaking will enable better service to be given the public, at the same time effecting valuable economies in management and operation.