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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 5, Issue 1 (May 1, 1930)

The Function of the Stores Department

The Function of the Stores Department.

There is, of course, another view. Where work is to be undertaken “on contract,” as in the case of oil-tanks or specialised work of a similar type, the store must work into the schedule by being in a position to the supply the necessary raw material. It is for this resaon that “stores” must not be overlooked. The foreman must have a definite knowledge of all stores at a moment's notice. Effective tabbing of stores is another noticeable feature of the Railway Shops. Withdrawals are immediately noted on a tab system, which is, thus, brought up-to-date automatically—a glance at the slip tells just what is on hand, as well as the size of the demand and its destination. This ensures a proper supervision over the “danger line.” When the store drops below a certain quantity the storeman is able to restock so that no work is held up by lack material which he can supply.

Such is, very briefly, the management of the shops. It is a tribute to them, in that they have become highly organised and very efficient. Next month I shall consider “Work Movements”—the next step in Industrial Efficiency—on a psychological basis.