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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 12 (April 1, 1930)

Recreation and Housing

Recreation and Housing.

The Otahuhu Social Hall has certainly given a chance for many to express themselves in thought, in dramatic utterance, or through music. Others, who prefer to have a community amusement, have this desire met by dances and socials. In short, the social factors in relation to work have been envisaged in the most modern manner by the manager, who has given no small part of his spare time to the development of what is, obviously, the antithesis of the “old shop.” Housing has not escaped attention, and ways and means have been devised for making homes for the workers. Thus we have a spectacle of a Government Department carrying into effect the ideals of “garden cities” of the Old World in a country noted for the daring social experiments it has made, and will, in all probability continue to make.