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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 12 (April 1, 1930)

Holler-days and Migratory Movies

Holler-days and Migratory Movies.

Fishing and Railing both require lines, but whereas you run Out the one you run On the others; also, both provide food for thought, or bait for the brain; but the railways are veritable trains of thought, cornucopias of comfort, and, in fact, migratory movies. When Easter eggs you on to unhitch the harness and hike over the horizon, to decentralise your domicile for the duration of the holler-days, you naturally Rail your enthusiasm to the spot marked X-pectation, and why? Because immediately you entrain your holiday is in train; in a train, the holiday spirit is as thick as the lug of a “pug,” it percolates the pores, titillates the temperature, and stretches the hiatus between holler-days and collar-daze, with the impunity of a thoroughly licked liquorice-ladder.
Second Return On The Railway

Second Return On The Railway

A train trip is a brain zip, an instigation of inspiration, a concatenation of onsolation, and an emolient for the emotions. After arduous efforts to steer the barrow of business off the banks of bankruptcy, and to convert I.O.U. into L.S.D., your soul sighs for sylvan solace, your brain bursts for the benign benevolence of the bush, the sea-saw of the sea, and a rest from exertion on an Easter excursion. And so you travel by rail with the great happy family of exertionless excursionists; you swap yarns and ham sandwiches, and your happiness is overproof, because it is not bottled up, but is shared with your fellow-man; you are assured that Easter will be a good Egg whether you travel “first” or Second Return On The Railway.