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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 12 (April 1, 1930)

A Mak-ode

A Mak-ode.

But let us lilt:

What a wonderful fish is the Mako,
Superlative sort of a shark, Oh;
He sticks on no airs,
With the plump millionaires,
But his bite is far worse
Than his bark, Oh.
A genial guy is the Mako,
An affable sort of a shark, though;
He'll clamber aboard,
If a duke or a lord,
Shows the least inclination
To lark, Oh.

“Communed with the anchor.”

“Communed with the anchor.”

page 15

A frolicsome fish is the Mako,
A ravenous sort of a shark, so
For tuppence or less,
We are bound to confess,
He will take a bite out of your bark, Oh.
A sociable sort is the Mako,
But something approaching a nark, Oh—
A face full of teeth,
And a space underneath,
Where he hopes foolish fishers to park. Oh.
I wish I could capture a Mako,
An obvious sort of remark,
With odorous pork,
Calculated to walk,
Down the neck of the average shark, oh.
I fear if I fished for a Mako,
My chances forsooth would be dark, Oh;
It's certain as snuff
If the ocean were rough,
I'd fetch up much more than a Mako.

“Collar Daze.”

“Collar Daze.”