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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 12 (April 1, 1930)

Sea Visions

Sea Visions

As I lay on a hillside
By the sighing sea,
Trooped the glowing visions
Of a pageantry.
There were strings of creatures
Pushing through the slime—
There were crawling reptiles,
Sliding on through time.
By-and-by, a monkey,
Swinging in the trees;
By-and-by, a savage,
Crouching at my knees.
There were troops of slave boys
On the Eastern sands;
There were Grecian statues,
Stretching forth their hands.
Then came hosts of Romans,
Shouting out in glee;
Then were justy Britons,
Talking of the sea.
By and by a galley,
Rowing o'er the seas;
By and by a schooner,
Sweeping in the breeze.
As I lay on hillside,
By the sighing sea.
Passed the glowing visions
Of a pageantry.
Only starlight shining,
On a silver sea;
Sad as tears of mankind,
Beckoning to me.