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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 12 (April 1, 1930)

Railway Concessions Simplified

Railway Concessions Simplified

The Railway Department has decided to simplify the method of granting the concession in railage charges for race-horses travelling to and from race meetings. Under the new regulation it will not be necessary for owners to obtain certificates from the secretaries of the racing clubs, and in the case of race-horses travelling on a circuit of race meetings the certificate of journeys will not be required. The new tariff regulation reads as under: “Race-horses, hunters, and polo ponies travelling to and from a race meeting, hunt club meeting, or polo match, will be charged 25 per cent, less than the appropriate rate under this regulation, provided that the necessary certificate in one of the forms provided is endorsed on the consignment note and signed by the owner or trainer, and provided, further, that in the case of horses forwarded from a race or hunt club meeting or polo match the journey is commenced not later than fourteen days after the concluding days of such meeting or match.” In order to entitle them to receive the benefit of the concession, owners or trainers when consigning race-horses, etc., will require to certify on the consignment note that the animals have been duly nominated to compete or have competed at a race or hunt club meeting or polo match, the name of the meeting or match to be stated in every case; but where entries for hunt club meetings and polo matches are not made by nomination, as in the case of race club meetings, it will be sufficient if the horses are certified as proceeding to compete or as having competed in accordance with the certificates. It will not be necessary now for horses to be returned to the original forwarding station in order to obtain the benefit of the concession. The new regulation operates immediately.