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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 12 (April 1, 1930)

Empire Farmers’ Party — Expression of Thanks for Dominion's Hospitality

Empire Farmers’ Party
Expression of Thanks for Dominion's Hospitality

The Dominion tour of the delegation of farmers from Great Britain, Canada and South Africa was completed in Auckland on 25th March.

Before departing, the leaders of the delegation, Mr. S. R. Whitley (Great Britain), and Mr. A. V. Allan (South Africa), handed the New Zealand Herald the following message addressed to the press of the Dominion:—

“We of the Empire Farmers' party who have been touring through New Zealand, wish to leave behind us a message of grateful thanks to all in the Dominion who have worked so hard to make our visit a happy and memorable one. The time has been all too short and hurried, but it is marvellous how much has been accomplished, due mainly to excellent staff-work on the part of the Farmers’ Union, Agricultural Department officials, chambers of commerce, civic authorities and the various other organisations before our arrival. Much of this work had been accomplished behind the scenes.

“We are indeed grateful, and would have those responsible to know it. The arrangements for our comfort have been highly appreciated by all our party. To those who came to receive us, who generously motored us everywhere in great comfort and who entertained us officially and privately with lavish hospitality, we can never sufficiently express our gratitude. That our company was appreciated beyond doubt has greatly added to our enjoyment. We only hope that a reunion with many friends, either in one of the sister Dominions or in the Homeland, may not be too long delayed; these new friendships must be kept fresh and bright by renewals as frequent as may be possible.

“To the womenfolk of the Dominion we would specially record our thanks. Their life is a very full one, and yet they always found time to add to our comfort and enjoyment as only women can. To the officials of the Railway Department who were responsible for our transport and tour arrangements and from whom we received never-failing kindness and courtesy, we would express our sincere thanks for hard work most efficiently carried out.

“For the rest of our lives we shall always have in our hearts a warm corner for the people of New Zealand and look forward to many happy reunions.”