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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 11 (June 1, 1930)

How Ledger Could Be Balanced

How Ledger Could Be Balanced.

It would be seen that those goods represented, approximately, 86 per cent. of the total that the railways carried. The revenue from these goods was £3,798,953, out of a total goods revenue of £4,898,391, or less than 78 per cent, of the total, so that while those low-rated goods represented 86 per cent, of the tonnage the revenue got from them represented 78 per cent, of the revenue. It would be clear to the members, therefore, that the other 14 per cent, should carry a margin on the rates which would enable the railways to catch up on the low-rate goods. The main point was this: that inasmuch as the low-rate goods represented such a large proportion of the total tonnage it would not be an impossible matter for the Railway Department to square its ledger by increasing the rate on those low - rate goods.