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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 10 (February 1, 1930)

Pies and Piety

Pies and Piety.

Repression is a codification of civilisation, and the curse of culture, just as auto-suggestion is the metaphysics of the motor merchant; but it is cruel to contemplate the fact that Charlie Chaplin has made hills of hoot by acting on his reactions and projecting pies at bald beans, while we have sat on such simple little pleasures as putting up a barrage of Eskimo Pies at the pictures. Charlie undoubtedly knows his pastry and slings a mean pie, and good luck to him if he can decoy the dough by his pie-ty, but it is a bitter thought that we are restrained by the Arms Act from such harmless little flippancies as flipping a flap-jack or brandishing a blanc-mange in a public place. Such injustice breeds bilious bigots and punctures piety.